Heaking-core polypropylene honeycomb core materials offer the following properties:

Mechanical strength & rigidity
Heaking -Core cells are solid with each other along their whole length, affording the unit excellent compressive strength and good shear strength.
Heaking-Core maintains the required rigidity with a substantial reduction in weight.
The non-woven polyester veil, thermo-fused to the cells, offers superior bond and peel strengths.

Water, corrosion, chemical resistance
Heaking -Core has excellent characteristics of resistance to water, to corrosion, to bacteria, and to most chemical products.
Thousands of boats are built every year using Heaking -Core as a strong and rot-proof core.

Superior insulation
Heaking -Core is a great heat insulator.
Heaking -Core also provides superior sound deadening properties.

Easy to use
The unique properties of polypropylene honeycomb allows superior conformability.
Heaking -Core products are ideal for a very wide variety of facings, whether conventional like wood, laminates, metals...or more innovative like fiber glass reinforced thermoplastics or technical textile
Implementation is easy: laminating, gluing, welding or simple cutting.

Impact and fatigue resistant

Heaking -Core polypropylene's toughness provides excellent impact properties.
Polypropylene's resiliency, combined with Heaking-Core's outstanding bonding properties, results in a higher fatigue resistance.

Environmentally Friendly
Plastic Honeycomb materials contribute in the fight against noise through their structure. They are rot-proof and corrosion-proof. Heaking -Core honeycomb materials are currently used to transform flows which are initially turbulent into laminar flows. And Heaking -Core's plastic materials are recyclable.


Type              PP8-80 (Add T is for polyester veil, add F is
                    for barrier below polyester veil.)
Cell size (diameter)           8mm
Density                80kg/m3
Compressive strength          2.0MPa
Shear Strength (DIN 53294)         0.5MPa
Shear Modulus (DIN 53294)         15MPa
Effective Temperature Range       -40~110≧
Thermal conductivity (w/mk,10 oC)       0.102

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